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Global Technologies is an experienced company to supply you the accessories for PC, Notebook and Smart Phone. Power Bank, Universal Notebook Adaptor; Notebook Cooling Base; PCI-E Products and USB products, like USB Adapter, Wireless Products Portable 3G Wireless Router, HSDPA USB Modem - support Android OS, HSDPA USB Modem, USB Wi-Fi, FM Transmitter, Tablet PC. Besides, we are the direct way for you to get closer to the huge source and market - China.

With the best quality and features of products that we are offering, we are confident to satisfy your requirement and work on the best success in the market.

Bluetooth Music

Bluetooth Music Receiver iBluetooth Music Receiver

Bluetooth Music is a powerful Bluetooth receiver to connect your Hifi with your music sources with bluetooth features, like mobile phone, tablet, notebook, PC, or MP3, MP4 devices.

Professional Tablet PC

10.2" Tablet PC10.2" Tablet PC with holder

Tablet PC is mature now. Due to the hardware features is becoming better and better now. With the powerful OS, built-in WI-FI and larger size of the flash memory, the Tablet PC is much smooth and the Tablet PC is not only an eBook now. Global Technologies also provides some choices of the notebook accessories, like the Notebook Cooling base.

USB Modem

Access to Internet Anywhere

Anytime through your SIM Card

Mini 3G Wi-Fi Router [UL-3G-15-51-2] HSDPA USB Modem HSDPA USB Modem support Android OS

Mini 3G WI-FI Router
is designed to share WIFI Internet connection via 3G connection or wired connection. To provide the Internet connection, either to plug in the 3G USB Modem to the USB Port of the device or plug in the wired internet access to the 10/100 Ethernet port of the device. The Portable 3G Wireless Router is complies with iEEE 802.11n, iEEE 802.11g, iEEE 802.11b, iEEE 802.3 and iEEE 802.3u Standard.

USB 3.0 Enclosure

USB 3.0 to SATA Cable USB 3.0 SATA Enclosure 3.5" USB 3.0 SATA Hard Disk Enclosure

USB 3.0 Enclosure is the fastest standard in the market. With this device, you can enjoy fast and secure data storage features for your data. The maximum data transfer rate is up to 5GB per second. Besides USB 3.0 Enclosure, there are some other choices in the USB 3.0 Products. They are USB 3.0 to SATA Cable, USB 3.0 Hub, USB 3.0 Card Reader and USB 3.0 PCI-E Card.

Notebook Accessories

90W Universal Notebook AC/DCAdaptor Mini Notebook Cooling Base USB 2.0 to ExpressCard Adaptor

Notebook Accessories provide you different accessories for using with notebook. There are universal notebook adaptor, Notebook Cooling Base, as well as screen protective screen.

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Our Key Products:
    USB Modem
        USB Adapter
            FM Transmitter

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