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USB Virtual 7.1 Channel Double Audio Adapter

USB Virtual 7.1 Ch Audio Adapter


is the most economy way to upgrade your notebookor PCs Audio by adding a virtual 7.1 channel sound experience. It provices you the best sound effect for games or Video entertainments. You can enjoy the music with your friends together. Besides, you can control the volume as well as mute at the device.

Feature List

Bus Interface USB 2.0 OHCI compliant
USB 1.1 OHCI compliant
Compliant with USB Audio Device Class
    Specification 1.0
Compliant with USB HID Class Specification 1.1
Virtual 7.1 channel sound

Full-Duplex for concurrent recording
    and playback
7.1-channel playback
LED indicators : Mircophone - Mute Status, Activity
4 buttons control
    - Mic-Mute, Sound-Mute, Volume + and Volume -
Self Power, no external power required.
Plug and Play

Analog & Digital Features Integrated 16-bit stereo CODEC
16 bit stereo ADC and DAC
16 bit simultaneous record and playback
    at full bandwidth
Support upto 96KHz/24 bit playback
Support upto 48KHz/16 bit recording
Sophisticated sample rate conversion for
    high quality digital mixing
Stereo Output Jack x 2
Microphone Jack x 2
Virtual 7.1 channel playback
Virtual Speaker shifter

Support & Compatibility Windows Sound, DirectSound 3HW acceleration
Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro,
    Sound Blaster 16 Emulation
PC98 compatible
Legacy audio SB16
support Windows VISTA/XP/2000/ME
Plug and Play ready
Hot-Swappable Support

Package Included USB Virtual 7.1 Channel Double Audio Adapter
Software Driver Disc

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