USB 2.0 to ExpressCard Adaptor

USB 2.0 to ExpressCard Adaptor [U2-EC-34-54-2]

The convenient converter from USB 2.0 to ExpressCard 34 and 54 socket. You can connect the ExpressCard Devices through a USB 3.0/USB 2.0/USB 1.1 port.

Feature List

Bus Interface Compliant with ExpressCard/34mm /54mm 2.0 standard
USB 2.0 OHCI compliant
USB 1.1 OHCI compliant

Supporting Standard Data Transfer Rate :
480Mbps (USB 2.0 High-Speed).
12Mbps (Full-speed) and 1.5Mbps (Low-speed)
Supports both 3.3V and 1.5V cards
Operational Voltage: DC +5.0 Volts ± 5% direct from USB
Power Requirement: 100 to 600mA (max.)
Power Provided: 3.3 Volts at 1000mA (max.) to ExpressCard

System Requirements PCs with USB running Windows ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista or later

Package Included USB 2.0 to ExpressCard Adaptor