LED Strip
LED Display Screen is the best choice for the OUTDOOR or INDOOR display. It is cost effective, durable and super easy to install as well as control. We will tailor made the LED Display to suit for your requirement. The LED Display supports the most popular formats such as AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB. It supports different Video Signals Output such as VGA; VGA+VIDE.

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LED Display Screen

Save up 70% to 80% energy when compare with the traditional fluorescent tubes

Environmental Friendly
No mercury and other harmful marterials

Easy to Mount
Work without ballast, no driver or starter required

Long Lifetime
Operate up to 50,000 - 80,000 hours

Ideal for :
Indoor or Outdoor Promotion
Light Effect (Floor, Wall or Ceiling)
Special Function Effect
Function Room
Illuminated Signs
Mass Transportation - Airport, Subway, Train, Ferry
Edge-lighting of Transparent or Diffused materials

Product Highlight
Low Heat, No Flickering & FR Interference, Instant Soft Start
Easy to Install : Adhesive back. Peel and Stick
Flexible : Easy to bend
Perfect replacement for Neon lighting
Low Power Consumption
Voltage Rages : 12V or 24V DC

Indoor LED Display   Indoor LED Display
    P6 Indoor LED Display Screen
    P7.62 Indoor LED Display Screen
    P10 Indoor LED Display Screen
    P18 Indoor LED Display Screen
    P25 Indoor LED Display Screen
    P31.25 Indoor LED Display Screen

outdoor LED Display
  Outdoor LED Display
    P10 Outdoor LED Display Screen
    P12 Outdoor LED Display Screen
    P14 Outdoor LED Display Screen
    P16Outdoor LED Display Screen
    P18 Outdoor LED Display Screen
    P20 Outdoor LED Display Screen
    P25 Outdoor LED Display Screen
    P31.25 Outdoor LED Display Screen

LED Strip
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