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MX-2118 3D Wireless Combo Optical Mouse

MX-2118 3D Wireless Optical Mouse


The state-of-art professional Small Wireless Mouse. With the Ergonomic design, MX-2118 is designed to be comfortable and specially fit for your hand position and avoid fatigue after use it for long period. Tranquil-design wheel for scrolling four contact points to reduce resistance and ensure excellent mobility and easy to control on different surfaces. MX-2118 is using AAA battery. Specially, the USB receiver can plug inside the mouse. Very easy to carry.

Feature List

Bus Interface USB 1.1 Compliant

Key Features Resolution : 400 - 600 DPI
Optical Technology
RF Wireless
Powered by AAA battery
3-button Programmable
Multi-color Flashing Light Design
Tranquil-design Wheel
Normal size with Ergonomic design

Dimension 85 x 45 x 27 mm

Color Black

Support & Compatibility Windows VISTA/XP/2000/ME, Linux and
    Mac OS8.6 or above
Plug and Play ready
Hot-Swappable Support

Package Included MX-2118 3D Wireless USB Optical Mouse
USB Receiver
USB to PS/2 Converter

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