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Allegro ESS 1989 4 channel Low Profile PCI Sound Card

Allegro ESS 1989 4 ch Low Profile

PCI Sound Card


is a highly integrated PCI solution for the multimedia Low Profile Slim PC. The high bandwidth PCI bus is utilized to deliver advanced PC audio features, such as DirectSound acceleration and HRTF3-D positional audio.

The ES1989 implements multi-stream DirectSound and DirectSound3D acceleration with digital mixing, sample rate conversion, and HRTF 3-D filtering. It includes a programmable audio digital signal processor and provides simultaneous support for multiple audio streams. With its built-in DSP core, the ES1989 uses its dedicated DMA engine to handle complex signal processing tasks with a bus-mastering PCI interface.

Feature List

Bus Interface PCI Interface, PCI 2.2 compliant with
    bus mastering modes
PCI Power Management Interface(PPMI)

Chipset Allegro ESS 1989 Chipset

Full-Duplex for concurrent recording
    and playback
4-channel playback
Plug and Play

Analog & Digital Features AC '97 Link CODEC
Real-time effects processing
16 bit stereo ADC and DAC
16 bit simultaneous record and playback
    at full bandwidth
Sample rate up to 48 MHz
< 0.5% PCI Bus bandwidth usage for playing
    16 bit / stereo / 44.1kHz
High-quality sample rate conversion
    and digital mixing
4 Stereo Inputs for LIN-IN, CD-IN, Aux-in,
    Mono input for microphone
SPDIF Output for DVD Contect (option)
4 channel Audio Output : 2 Front & 2 Rear

3D Features Sensaura CRL Positional 3D
Microsoft DirectSound
Microsoft DirectSound 3D
DirectMusic Hardware Acceleration

Stereo Mixer
& Wavetable Synthesizer
Stereo analog mixing from CD-Audio, Line-in
Stereo digital mixing from Voice,
Stereo Digital CD-Audio
Mono mixing from MIC and software
    adjustable volume
Built-in FM Syntehesizer
64 polyphony software wavetable
    w/DLS-1 Support

Legacy DOS Game Support Avance Legacy support for Legacy
    DMAC Emulation
Support DDMA
Full Legacy DOS Games support

Hardware Interface MPU-401 compatible UART MIDI
External MIDI input and output
High performance enhanced
    Normal & Digital Game port,
    support analog and digital joysticks

Support & Compatibility TDMA hardware implementation methods (Option)
Compliance with APM 1.2, ACPI 1.1,
    and PPMI 1.1
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/XP-64-BIT
Windows Sound, DirectSound System
Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro,
    Sound Blaster 16 Emulation
PC98/PC99 and WHQL specifications
Legacy audio SB16 support

Package Included Allegro ESS 1989 4 channel Low Profile PCI Sound Card
Software Driver Disc

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